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Have you ever thought about the possiblity of playing soccer in some of the most important youth tournaments in Europe?

Many years ago I had the privilege of participating in international competitions as player. Years have past and now I have been able to join these events as coach and later as president of Americana Soccer. I will never forget the pleasure and emotions that I carry together with memories still fresh in my mind as well as friendships that have lasted until today. 

This is something that I wish to share with every young player and create the possibility for others to experience. Well, now Americana Soccer offers the opportunity for young and older players to experience soccer at the highest level in a truly international setting.

All levels of experience will be considered. We'll place you at the level you fit best. 

Soccer Camps

We offer, also, a unique opportunity for all soccer players to join our soccer camps in Europe and South America.

Remember: Soccer is about having fun!

Charlie A. Barbier

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Dr. Charlie A. Barbier
President & Head Coach

United States ~ Spain

Tel.. 1 203 268-4309 USA
        34 618 533 996 Spain
     595 0975 949-877 Paraguay

In soccer, as in life, the only color that counts is the color of your jersey.

Americana stands firmly and loudly againts racism and all kinds of discrimination.

Don't just Say No To Racism. Engage against it!
 Desde el Paraguay y Argentina

Tres opciones:
1. Nueva York, Paris, mas los torneos de Suecia y Dinamarca

2. Paris, mas torneos de Suecia y Dinamarca, o

3. Solo Torneos en Suecia y Dinamarca

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Hosted Foreign Teams Visiting the USA and Involving American Families Since 1996

Important Note

will Never Purchase ANY product from any company suspected of using Child Labor
Americana Soccer sponsors several soccer programs for disadvantaged children and youth in Latin America and the US. We offer, also, scholarships to travel to youth who are good athletes, good students and who engage in community projects.

We sponsor the Americana Soccer School, the Camba'y Guarani Project in Encarnacion, Paraguay and the San Pedro Soccer School in Encarnacion, Paraguay.